Shih tzu x Maltese for Stud (Sunshine Coast, QLD)

Offered by: Lauren


Romeo (male) is 5 years old and he is a Shih tzu x Maltese. His mum was a pure Maltese and his dad was a pure Shih tzu. Pics of both his parents available also. He is very smart, calm, loving, well natured and very playful as well. Loves people and great with children. He also loves playing with other dogs. Has always been in top health, regularly vet checked and his vaccinations/worming are up to date.

Romeo is fertile and pics of litter produced in 2020 with another shih tzu x Maltese below.

Fee payable upon first mating

If you are interested in using Romeo as a stud please contact me for further details. Would ideally like to breed with a shih tzu or a shih tzu x Maltese.
Blood test to check female for ovulation preferred before meeting with Romeo to ensure timing is correct.