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Making your selling and buying proces easier and helping you to find the best birds avaialble for sale in your area. Aussie Traders allow you to live your free ads and sell or buy your favorite birds.
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Picture(s) of Baby Princess Parrots available
9th Dec

Three baby princess parrots available to handrear by experienced feeders only - UNSEXED Two are green and one is blue Four weeks old, not fully feathered - born Nov 08 Currently still being fed by mother $80.00 each Mother is green - Dad is Blue All our birds are fed daily: fresh sprouting mix, fresh veges including corn, spinach, celery, carrot, broccolini, dry seed spray and seed mix - all changed everyday. Princess Parrots make wonderful pets.

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28th Oct

I have 6 rainbow lorrakiets. 2 just out of nest today 29/10/17. 2 are last years and 2 I'm not sure how old they are. Will seperate

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Male and female, nearly twelve months old. Plus cage

Picture(s) of Young Ringnecks available

The Blue has just coloured after last moult, the Grey is 1yr older, both are Cock birds. Must sell this week due to other birds arriving.

Picture(s) of Mixed Pair available

I have a pied Princess Parrot, which is in love with, and trying to mate with, a cockatiel. Due to circumstances I need to move the PP on. I can't seperate them. The Cockatiel comes with the PP. Wondering how much interest there is out there? Make an offer!

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(PICK UP ONLY & BRING YOUR OWN BOX) Ringnecks Plum heads Western Rosellas Cockatiels Alexandrine

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(PHONE ONLY PLEASE) Ringnecks $50-$150 Caiques 2 Young unsexed $1000 each Chattering Lorries 2 Cocks 1 Hen $600 each Brown Throat Conours 2 pair $800 A Pair Green Cheek Blue Hen $100 Crimson Wing Hen $60 Barraband Cock $100 Young Alexandrine unsexed $150 Amazon Hen 3 Year old $1,200 Amazon Blue Fronted Young Unsexed/hand reared $1,200

Picture(s) of Hand rise Cockatiles available

My name is John and I am a Cockatiles Breeder and done that for the past25 years please look at my photos then ring me at 0401456197 or go to lurnea-cockatile thank you

Picture(s) of Never to be missed bargain available

We are a bunch of foster-carers who constantly have spare bird cages similar to the one below-with a price tag ranging from $150 to $199. All the products will have the similar sort of structure-namely the front grid frame with latching elements, tray for collecting and disposing bird dropping, bird feeds, dropping feather or the like to maintain clean and neat conditions & adequate number of feed and water stations to meet the requirements of all birds.Make an offer for consideration.

Picture(s) of Pretty Pallidino Ringneck boy - available now available

Nicknamed 'Sassy', he was hatched September 11, 2016, to a pallid Dad and an ino Mum, and is the oldest son of our first handreared Ringneck girl, 'Sooky Chook', who was hatched 26th September 2004, and can still be used like a powder puff between Seasons! :-P lol 'Sassy' was raised with other handreared birds so is quite sociable - ideal as companion for bird(s) or human(s) O:-) For more info or pics please contact Sally-Anne Westendorf on 0410913845 or 0433762448 (vodafone) please ...

Picture(s) of Handraised Indian Ringneck Parrots available NOW available

INDIAN RINGNECKS normally around $250 (for non-Violet mutations) for a tame Ringneck fully weaned and DNA sexed with Certificate, but have dropped price of most down to $200 to help guarantee them good homes. Get in early to put one of these gorgeous birds aside for your very own! ;OD {pay a deposit to get first pick) There's bound to be one there to suit you :) Some are friendlier than others, as they all have their own unique 'personality', just like children, but they prefer to sit ...

Picture(s) of Never to be missed bargain available

We are a bunch of bird foster-carers who constantly have spare aviaries to sell .The pictures below are indicative only , but all the products will have the similar sort of structure-namely the front grid frame with latching elements, tray for collecting and disposing bird dropping, bird feeds, dropping feather or the like to maintain clean and neat conditions, adequate number of feed and water stations to meet the requirements of all birds

Picture(s) of Zebra Finch available

$2.00 each Minimum purchase 2 birds 30 normal brown males only

Picture(s) of Weiros and Lovebirds available

3 Pied yellow and black babies 4 olive lovebirds Presently helping the parents by hand feeding in the nest To get used to human touch and the syringe. $40 each.

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Mulga parrots ,$100 a pair ,mallee Ringnecks from $95 ,Western rosella hen 0-15 bred ,$125 , yellow regent cocks 0-15 bred ,$125 ,princess parrots ,blue $80 ,normal $65 , crimson wings ready soon , blue cheeked Rosellas ,genuine Atherton Tableland type ,ready soon . Ph (07)46305263 after 7 pm

Picture(s) of Whiteface weiros available

Whiteface Cinn Saddleback and whiteface Pearl 18 mths- 2yrs old ready for breeding. $75 each or 2 for $140 EOI for baby Weiros Grey Lutino and white face saddle backs. From $30

Picture(s) of LUTINO ALEXANDRINES available

2015 lutino alexandrine hens available. They are aviary birds but can rear some in the 2016 breeding season. We have a couple to choice from price $ 800 vary depending on the size of the birds. We can freight to mayor cities.

Picture(s) of Peachface Babies available

Hand raised Peachface babies.Now eating seed. Grey Opalines,Olive and 1 Green. Very loving and ready to bond with you. Will clip wings for bonding and safety. $75 each or $145 for two.

Picture(s) of avairy cockatiels available

Aviary cockatiels two females and grey is male

Picture(s) of CRESTED BUDGIES SELL OUT available

Hello, I have some quality CRESTED BUDGIES on offer many stunning colours proven breeding pairs, single boys and some young all available. Breeder of 42 years reducing stud now.

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Male Sulphur crested cockatoo Approx. 2 years old Absolutely tame Incredible vocabulary Cuddly and loves to sing Follows me around all day sits on shoulder and steps up when asked Clucks like a chicken Barks like a dog Throws ball to the dogs and gets along with cats Open and closes doors for you if your hands are full walks around outdoors without flying away Loves car rides and kisses HE IS AN ADORABLE PET AND I DONT WANT HIM TO GO UNLESS IT IS A FOREVER HOME. ONLY ...

Picture(s) of Hand rise Cockatiles available

Young birds ready to go now Please ring John 0401456197

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W/Face Breeding pairs for sale Grey males split for Plat. And Cinn Cinnamon saddle back and pearl females $100 per pair

Picture(s) of Hand rise Cockatiles available

I have young birds ready to go to u and to be your best friend please ring me at 0401456197 My name is John

Picture(s) of extremely pure tame african grey parrot available

I'm having to re home my lovely African grey parrot yoyo due to starting a new job and not being able to spend quality time with him .He has a good vocabulary and mimics alot of sound's (squeaking door, dripping taps, dogs barking etc) it is essential he goes to a permanent loving home with someone who can spend time with him as this is hard enough to have to let him go ...comes with cage, toys and food...get me on ....ronaldcarrick @ gmx com

Picture(s) of Lovely and tame blue and gold macaws available

Absolutely beautiful blue and gold macaw, extremely tame, hand reared. loves being out on your shoulder or up on top of they are well you tickle his belly, a very loving and affectionate parrot! But unfortunately needs more time than we can offer.For more details just let contact us.

Picture(s) of Male Jenday Conure available

Sunny Jim is a 4 year old male Jenday Conure. He loves kisses. Sunny Jim doesn't like to be grabbed ( not sure why, he was like that when my mother got him about 2 years ago), but he will hop onto your shoulder. He likes to groom you while he is on your shoulder ( preens your hair, tries to clean your teeth, nose and ears). He is quite affectionate. Sunny Jim likes to share whatever you are eating and drinking when he is on your shoulder. He also likes to drink herbal tea (only if it has ...

Picture(s) of young indian ringnecks to handrear available

I have some young ringnecks to handrear to experienced feeders only you can take now at 4 -5 weeks $100 each or they will be ready in 5-7 weeks for $160 each i have whites blue and grey lacewings and some pastel lacewings

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Pigeon breed showpenhomer for sale, get in first before the show or Come to our in Gympie on last Sunday in July 2014x. Birds start at $40 each, call or email, 0408986519. My name is Lloyd

Picture(s) of MISSING MACAW GLADSTONE available

MISSING MACAW GLADSTONE Vicdan is missing since 12/6/15 REWARD is offered to info leading to her return or the return of her. Please keep a eye out Vicdan has half a back toe missing an leg band on the other foot so if see a macaw for sale matching this description please come forward Ph : 0409 735 790 or 0423 528 696

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Jap quails avail again, week old chicks $3ea, then $1 per week untill adult age at aprox 6- 8 wks of age, unsexed,hatching year round, can deliver to mudgee?gulgong?dunedoo and a?h 6pm or sms on 0418649450

Picture(s) of Pure Bred Pied Muscovy ducklings - (12). 5wks old. available

We have 12 beautiful pure bred Pied Muscovy ducklings (d.o.b 28/04/15) for sale at $15.00ea. We also have 2 x p/b Muscovy ducks (approx 6 months old, point of lay) for $15.00ea. All are free range and are very healthy and wormed. Muscovys make wonderful pets and are social birds. They actively hunt rodents, mosquitos, bugs & grubs, and other creepy crawlies. Their eggs are beautiful and tasty. For the table, their meat is very lean and their skin has 50% less fat than most ducks. Chefs ...

Picture(s) of Scarlet chested parrots available

Scarlet chested parrots. Violets

Picture(s) of Guinea Fowl Keats available

Guinea Fowl Keats Hatched Mothers Day 2015 4 Pearl 4 Lavender Eats ticks Snake warning easier on yard then chickens Alert, very alert

Picture(s) of Green cheek mutations available

Green cheek mutations Cocks: Normal/yellowside-$70 Cinnamon-$70 Pineapple-$125 Blue/yellowside-$225 Hens: Yellowside-$85 Pineapple-$100 Yellowside/blue-$125 Silver-$300 Bonded pairs ready to breed this season: Pineapples-$200 Cinnamon(c) x pineapple(h)-$150 Normal/yellowside possible split pineapple(c) x pineapple(h)-$150 Blue/yellowside(c) x yellowside(h)-$300 Blue/yellowside(c) x silver(h)-$500 Proven breeding pairs: (2013/14) Pineapples-$300 Silver(c) x blue ...

Picture(s) of Muscovy ducks available

Muscovy ducks 3-6mths of age, both sexes. Colors white, black & white,great pets, good egg layers

Picture(s) of Female Sky Blue Indian Ringneck available

'Squiggles' 6yo Sky blue Indian ringneck parrot Comes with cage and toys Sad sale due to no time Negotiable on price


Hello, l have decided to sell out my quality cockatiels colours include pied whiteface (black and white), Cinnamon Lutino Pearl, Pearls,Pieds. l also have proven breeding pairs available at times as well as babies perfect for hand training. Prices from $79 ea Please email your interest now cheers.


Hello, l'm a hobby bird breeder l have some quality baby budgies sometimes available colours include pure lemon yellows, pieds, blues, whites rainbows and semi crested blues white faced. All my budgies are fed a balanced diet of quality seed, fresh fruit and veg. Prices from @ $69 l also offer special budgie deals including new cage , toys and baby budgie. Please email your interest now cheers.

Picture(s) of Hand raised eclectus parrots available

We have a number of young red sided eclectus parrots (New Guinea sub species) currently being hand raised they will become available once completely weaned and independent. We have sold one of our oldest boys but his younger brother and he are weaning very well and should be ready to go to their new homes by Sat 29th Nov. Another pair of boys will be ready mid December and a young hen early January. Eclectus parrots properly cared for will live over 50 years are highly intelligent, talk ...

Sorry, no pictures

Australorps, Rhode Island reds,isa Browns, silkies,white leghorns, black x, red x, white x all vaccinated, ducklings Pekin, Muscovy,khaki Campbell,call, mallards , indain runners ph phil on 0420720300 Windsor nsw

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Handraised white baby cockatoo's great feathered friends good with the family also children. Ready now for their forever homes

Picture(s) of Female African Grey Parrot available

Baby African Gray hand raised, 9 months old. This Parrot is: - Fully weaned, - DNA Tested Female and - All Paperwork Included. Will come along with available Paperwork. She is Currently on fresh fruit and soaked sprouts daily as well as pellets. She can already talk out some words( No swear words), Large Vocabulary including: - hello - I love you - Stop it - Alright - Up - Hello girl - What you doing - Wanna go for a walk - Wolf whistles - Makes all types of bird noises - and ...

Sorry, no pictures

Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerals for sale. 8 weeks old. Orbost area.




Hello, l have some stunning 7 week old baby budgies perfect to hand train so many colours include blues, cobalts, yellows , whites, pieds , crested tuft breeding pairs also available .Prices from $69 cages , toys and new accessories also on offer.Please email your interest now cheers.

Sorry, no pictures

I have a 5 year old major Mitchell on hand that needs to be bought urgently as I've just moved into the city area and he's got no space here. Going for $300 ONO

Picture(s) of dnaed blue front available

For sale a beautiful dnaed blue front cock bird around 19 months old

Picture(s) of baby chickens $5 each ready for new homes available

We have 2 black & 2 yellow $5 each ready to go anytime


BABY ALEXANDRINE PARROTS (HANDREARED) I have baby alexandrines inside now. All come with a closed stainless steel legring for identification and DNA certificate. All babies raised on Roudybush Formula 3 Handrearing Mix and then Vetafarm Pellets, fruit and vegetables. All babies are raised in a warm, loving, non-smoking environment with all the normal sounds of a regular household so you will get a well adjusted, friendly baby with all the hard work done. Handreared babies with DNA ...