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The following ads have expired and may no longer be available. Please click here to only view ads from the past quarter.
Picture(s) of Uluru Woma Python and double enclosure available

I am selling my Uluru Woma Python. Probable male, 8 years old. Never missed a feed, sheds well. Not a beginners snake, can mistake people for food. Enclosure overall approx size 1200w x 640d x 1900h. Comes with 2 electronic thermostats that have digital temperature display, 1 large heat rope used across both enclosures, timer and dimmer, 2 water bowls, fake rock walls in top enclosure. Pick up from Camden

Picture(s) of Central Bearded Dragon and Setup. available

Central Bearded Dragon and Tank with everything you need to get started (although you'll need a licence) Bought from Kellyville Pets just over 2 years ago (June 2015). Was told our dragon is a male. Eats really well on calcium dusted crickets and carrots/boc choy. Can hand feed the thin slices of carrots Our dragon is approximately 41cm long Double front glass door tank comes with rock look back drop, water bowl, feeding bowl, basking heat light, UV light and night ceramic heater ...

Picture(s) of 100% het Albino jungle Pythons juveniles available

I have two left beautiful 100% het Albino jungles Mother albino, father Palmerston Jungle, from a clean collection were to be hold backs but need room for new project. I am willing to freight at buyers expence, any more info email me or call (07) 54857158 thank you.

Picture(s) of Male Bredli. Approx 5yrs old. available

Awesome temperament, great feeder, approx 7ft long. Will include tank, heatmat, feeder tub (never been fed in his tank) etc for free.

Picture(s) of Female Diamond Python. 4-5yrs old available

Great temperament, easy feeder, awesome markings. Will include tank, heatmat etc for free.

Picture(s) of Diamond Python- Female available

Female 4&1/2yr old Diamond Python, approx 6ft long. Gorgeous markings, easy feeder, easy to handle. Never been fed in her tank. Tank included. Old enough to start breeding. Email me for more pics- asking $500 for Shelly only. Tank, heatmat etc FREE

Picture(s) of Bredli Python- Male available

5yr old Bredli Python, approx 7-8ft long. Great feeder, very easy to handle and has a great temperment. Never been fed in his tank. Tank and feeding container included. Email me for more pics- asking $500for Harvey only- Tank, heatmat etc FREE

Picture(s) of 2 Male Spotted Pythons & Enclosure available

I have 2 Male Spotted Pythons for sale including the enclousre and all items in it. Both snakes are already named Zieke & Drake, they are well fed and handled good. I have had them for about two years and now they are starting to take up room. I will only sell if you have a reptile lisence and can show proof, I want them to go to a good home where they will be well looked after and handled with care frequently. They eat frozen (thawed out) Hopper mice and occasionally eat live.

Picture(s) of Boyd Forest Dragon available

I have two 18 month old Boyd Forest Dragons for sale Sex unknown Beautiful colours and patterns. One is 31cm long from head to tip of tail and the other is 30cm. You're welcome to have a look at them and I am happy to freight at buyers cost. I will provide a veterinary statement of health if freighted. These guys are friendly, love their live food especially crickets, cockroaches and silk worms. I am willing to sell one for $250 OR you can buy both for $450. Would ...

Picture(s) of Baby centralian carpet pythons (bredl's pythons) available

I have some baby Centralian Carpet Pythons hatched 26th Feb 2011. These are $195 each. feeding on baby mice. I will also consider trading them for other species of reptiles. No permit is needed to keep 1 protected animal in South Australia. - however a permit is needed if you keep more than 1 animal or wish to sell them. Note that it a condition to display your permit number when advertising most SA reptiles for sale. My permit number is Y01112-3

Picture(s) of ELN Turtles and full tank set up. $400 ono available

ELN Turtles and full tank set up. $400 ono Two Eastern Longneck Turtles Beautiful turtles, quirky personalities Always fed really well Originally from respected and licenced breeder. Regretful sale due to frequent work travel. Located in Newcastle. Pick up only. Must have reptile License. Set up includes: - Large Tank - Filter - UV Light - Heater - Dry dock etc. Call Phil 0432579508 Email:

Sorry, no pictures

Frozen rats all sizes price starts at $1.00 to $8.00

Picture(s) of Diamond and cross diamond snakes in double aviary available

Seven year old diamond great to handle and a six year old diamond cross also good to handle. Large double door aviary with solid floor.

Picture(s) of Black and Gold Jungle Pythons available

Breeding pair about 5yr old easy to handle good feeders $300 pair or $150each,also have 2 about 18mths old $70 to$100each.Incubator with books $250 Licence required

Picture(s) of Large reptile enclosure and bearded dragons available

Large reptile enclosure (1820w x 1700h x 520d ) complete with heat lamps , fluros and timers , these are actually 2 separate enclosures , dragons are female (2 yrs) male (5 yrs) , both enjoy time out of enclosure for play and cuddles $800 for everything or $400 per enclosure and $100 each dragon (must have reptile licence )

Picture(s) of Female jungle x coastal 4 months old available

Beautiful Female jungle x coastal Python eating great on fuzzy mice , a bit caged frighten but it's all bluff please text on 0402073007

Sorry, no pictures

We have lots of baby Murray river short neck turtles for sale, ready to go to good homes. $95 each or $180 if buying two or more.

Picture(s) of Pair of Woma's and Diamond Python available

Pair of 5yo Woma's. In good health and condition. Both snakes very quiet and easy to handle, they never bite. Beautiful colour! $1000 for the both. Diamond Python 5yo unsure of sex. In good health and condition. Can be a bit snappy sometimes. Make good addition to someone's breeding program. Very pretty to look at, nice bright colour. $300. Please note the big Jungle Python is NOT for sale. All 3 snakes are housed together and get along great, never had any problems with them. ...

Sorry, no pictures

Frozen rabbit food for reptile feed XXL 1900 grams

Sorry, no pictures

Hi there, I have a 18 month old Costal Carpet Python up for sale. He is easy to handle doesn't bite, like to be close. Well tempered. He is currently 6 foot long. Just don't have enough time for him. He does come with a heat matt. Just text and ask for pictures as they won't upload on here. Contact number is 0432204920

Sorry, no pictures

I have plenty of rats for sale and have them all the time Small $9 Medium $11 Large $15 Mice also $2.50 each Also have all sizes of mice and rats frozen if needed as well Frozen Rabbit also now available Pick Up 56-60 Preston Street, South Penrith NSW OPEN 7 DAYS Craig 0411119932