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Picture(s) of Baby Princess Parrots available
9th Dec

Three baby princess parrots available to handrear by experienced feeders only - UNSEXED Two are green and one is blue Four weeks old, not fully feathered - born Nov 08 Currently still being fed by mother $80.00 each Mother is green - Dad is Blue All our birds are fed daily: fresh sprouting mix, fresh veges including corn, spinach, celery, carrot, broccolini, dry seed spray and seed mix - all changed everyday. Princess Parrots make wonderful pets.

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Picture(s) of Never to be missed bargain available

We are a bunch of foster-carers who constantly have spare bird cages similar to the one below-with a price tag ranging from $150 to $199. All the products will have the similar sort of structure-namely the front grid frame with latching elements, tray for collecting and disposing bird dropping, bird feeds, dropping feather or the like to maintain clean and neat conditions & adequate number of feed and water stations to meet the requirements of all birds.Make an offer for consideration.

Picture(s) of Pretty Pallidino Ringneck boy - available now available

Nicknamed 'Sassy', he was hatched September 11, 2016, to a pallid Dad and an ino Mum, and is the oldest son of our first handreared Ringneck girl, 'Sooky Chook', who was hatched 26th September 2004, and can still be used like a powder puff between Seasons! :-P lol 'Sassy' was raised with other handreared birds so is quite sociable - ideal as companion for bird(s) or human(s) O:-) For more info or pics please contact Sally-Anne Westendorf on 0410913845 or 0433762448 (vodafone) please ...

Picture(s) of Handraised Indian Ringneck Parrots available NOW available

INDIAN RINGNECKS normally around $250 (for non-Violet mutations) for a tame Ringneck fully weaned and DNA sexed with Certificate, but have dropped price of most down to $200 to help guarantee them good homes. Get in early to put one of these gorgeous birds aside for your very own! ;OD {pay a deposit to get first pick) There's bound to be one there to suit you :) Some are friendlier than others, as they all have their own unique 'personality', just like children, but they prefer to sit ...

Picture(s) of Never to be missed bargain available

We are a bunch of bird foster-carers who constantly have spare aviaries to sell .The pictures below are indicative only , but all the products will have the similar sort of structure-namely the front grid frame with latching elements, tray for collecting and disposing bird dropping, bird feeds, dropping feather or the like to maintain clean and neat conditions, adequate number of feed and water stations to meet the requirements of all birds

Picture(s) of extremely pure tame african grey parrot available

I'm having to re home my lovely African grey parrot yoyo due to starting a new job and not being able to spend quality time with him .He has a good vocabulary and mimics alot of sound's (squeaking door, dripping taps, dogs barking etc) it is essential he goes to a permanent loving home with someone who can spend time with him as this is hard enough to have to let him go ...comes with cage, toys and food...get me on ....ronaldcarrick @ gmx com

Picture(s) of Guinea Fowl Keats available

Guinea Fowl Keats Hatched Mothers Day 2015 4 Pearl 4 Lavender Eats ticks Snake warning easier on yard then chickens Alert, very alert

Picture(s) of Green cheek mutations available

Green cheek mutations Cocks: Normal/yellowside-$70 Cinnamon-$70 Pineapple-$125 Blue/yellowside-$225 Hens: Yellowside-$85 Pineapple-$100 Yellowside/blue-$125 Silver-$300 Bonded pairs ready to breed this season: Pineapples-$200 Cinnamon(c) x pineapple(h)-$150 Normal/yellowside possible split pineapple(c) x pineapple(h)-$150 Blue/yellowside(c) x yellowside(h)-$300 Blue/yellowside(c) x silver(h)-$500 Proven breeding pairs: (2013/14) Pineapples-$300 Silver(c) x blue ...

Picture(s) of Hand raised eclectus parrots available

We have a number of young red sided eclectus parrots (New Guinea sub species) currently being hand raised they will become available once completely weaned and independent. We have sold one of our oldest boys but his younger brother and he are weaning very well and should be ready to go to their new homes by Sat 29th Nov. Another pair of boys will be ready mid December and a young hen early January. Eclectus parrots properly cared for will live over 50 years are highly intelligent, talk ...

Picture(s) of Female African Grey Parrot available

Baby African Gray hand raised, 9 months old. This Parrot is: - Fully weaned, - DNA Tested Female and - All Paperwork Included. Will come along with available Paperwork. She is Currently on fresh fruit and soaked sprouts daily as well as pellets. She can already talk out some words( No swear words), Large Vocabulary including: - hello - I love you - Stop it - Alright - Up - Hello girl - What you doing - Wanna go for a walk - Wolf whistles - Makes all types of bird noises - and ...

Picture(s) of baby chickens $5 each ready for new homes available

We have 2 black & 2 yellow $5 each ready to go anytime


BABY ALEXANDRINE PARROTS (HANDREARED) I have baby alexandrines inside now. All come with a closed stainless steel legring for identification and DNA certificate. All babies raised on Roudybush Formula 3 Handrearing Mix and then Vetafarm Pellets, fruit and vegetables. All babies are raised in a warm, loving, non-smoking environment with all the normal sounds of a regular household so you will get a well adjusted, friendly baby with all the hard work done. Handreared babies with DNA ...

Picture(s) of Hand reared eclectus parrots available

We are offering for sale to approved homes only, two young red sided eclectus parrot hens. They were born on Boxing Day and currently still being fed 3 times a day and just learning to eat pellets and fruit and veg so won’t be ready to move in with their new families for at least a month yet. Having been handled regularly and hand reared since 18 days of age they are well bonded to people and friendly and inquisitive, to arrange to meet them and view their beautiful parents please ring ...

Picture(s) of $200 Quaker handraised male 10weeks old + cage available

This beautiful boy is up for sale he steps up and wants to be with you all the time . Can be nippy as quakers so tend to get in moods if they are annoyed or frustrated this is rare for him but can happen he's never drawn blood or anything. Vocalising well and soon enough should be speaking words . He's a stunning bird bursting with personailty ! There's no way I can meet his demands as they need someone to have them out all the time like when you get home from work let him out to run around and ...

Picture(s) of Handraised green quaker male available

This gorgeous green quaker is ready to find his new home . He is DNA sexed and a confirmed male . He has lots of personality already loves to be out of his cage with you ! Would suit someone who wants a bird to be there companion and have them out most of the time ! He's a cheeky little thing and only wants to please you ! If interested don't hesitate to call or txt message $300 firm

Sorry, no pictures

Dozens of cute and colourful baby poultry hatched this year, some in the nest, but most incubated carefully and occasionally literally hatched by (or rather in) hand! ;-D The following friendly fids are now available: CHICKS (baby chickens) Aged from 4wks to 4months - Parents are mostly Sussex and Rhode Island, though there are also half a dozen d'Uncle Bantams - colours ranging from white to black and all shades in between - $10ea DUCKLINGS Aged from 3wks to 3months - Parents are ...

Picture(s) of Baby  Alexandrine parrot Hand Raised available

Need him gone cant keep him as my daughters needs are more important and he is a DNA sexed male handraise will come with his cage for $450 very loving beautiful bird was born the 9th of september this year

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Guinea fowl keets. 1 – 2 weeks = $12 each (24 available) 3 – 4 weeks = $18 each (22 available) 5 – 6 weeks = $24 each (10 available) Anything over 6 weeks is $30. Pickup from Caboolture or can deliver to Sunshine Coast (Caloundra) phone Conrad on 0410 045810 or email

Picture(s) of sun conure 5 years old come with everything available

I have to sell my baby he his 5 years old comes with cage and more only selling dew to work

Picture(s) of very tame green cheek conure available

I have one male green cheek coure for sale about 13/14 weeks old. he is so cute will fly to you when you call it and love to sit on your shoulder. would be a really good pet bird for someone. Has been wormed, handreared on roudybush formula 3 and the preants where on roudybush high energy pellets before, during and after breeding.

Picture(s) of Cockatiel babies hand tamed available

3 gorgeous baby cockatiels, hand tamed in family environment, 10-12 weeks old, ready for new homes now, great Christmas presents. 1 whiteface pearl $75, one pied pearl $75, one grey $65.

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Young Budgies from show birds for sale from

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Young Canaries for sale from

Picture(s) of Birdy Bunks, Shoulder Capes, Toys & Accessories available

Support an all Australian original product made by us here in our own home, for the past 2 years. We have a mass of Birdy Bunk Designs & Sizes Available and even offer you the chance to design your own, also selling toys & other accessories! The birds love the warm snuggly fur to keep them warm or in some cases fleece! Small Bargain: $8 Small Deluxe: $14 Medium Bargain: $12 Medium Deluxe: $18 Large Bargain: $16 Large Deluxe: $25 Shoulder Savers: $10 Wooden Parrot Toys: ...

Picture(s) of Hand raised Conure available

1 x Yellow sided ( Female ) $180 each 1 x Pearly Conure ( female ) $230 Please text or phone 0405547646 * if you email please include a contact number and name

Picture(s) of Handraised Baby Blue Fronted Rainbow  Lorikeet available

Handraised Baby Blue Fronted Rainbow Lorikeet. Very Tame. Loves to be out of the cage on your shoulder. Loves kisses and cuddles. has never bitten. $350 or $440 with a package deal. package deal includes the bird, a cage, birdie bed, a toy and food. Pick up from Tivoli Contact me for more information via text 0426298761 or email : thanks for looking :)

Picture(s) of Handraised Baby Black Capped Lory  Super Tame available

For sale: Black Capped Lory , Native to PNG . This is an exotic lory. Loves giving kisses and cuddles ! Has a great personality. Very loving and super super sweet !! You will not regret not buying her. She is DNA sexed (with certificate as proof) female. Is the nicest most funniest bird you will ever meet. $1500 or $1590 with a package deal. Package deal includes: the bird, a cage, a toy, a birdie bed and some food. Pick up Tivoli. Contact me via text 0426298761 or email : ...

Picture(s) of Handraised Baby Alexandrine Parrots available

Handraised baby Alexandrine Parrots ! Loves cuddles and kisses. very friendly. Do NOT bite ! These are our 'Gentle Giants'. $400 ea or can do a package deal which includes the bird, a cage (with a stand) , a toy , a birdie bed and a bag of seed. Everything brand new ! All this for $650 Pick up Tivoli For more information contact me via text 0426298761 or email me on:

Sorry, no pictures

I have 4 baby cockatiels currently 10 days old, will be available approx end august pics to come shortly pickup from ormeau Call Angie 0413118808 or email any questions

Picture(s) of POULTRY INCUBATOR for Chicken, Duck, Quail, Turkey available

New GREATLANDER INCUBATOR-HATCHER Everything-Auto The most advanced feature-laden automatic Cabinet Incubator-Hatcher in its class for the serious poultry breeder - Commercial-Hatchery-Quality Bio-Clean Function - Commercial-Hatchery-Quality Precise Digital Control over all the incubating and hatching functions - External water-fill function provided as standard - Exceptional thermal insulation easy-clean plastic-lined case - Tall viewing-window which makes opening of the door ...

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Wanna buy my ring necks have I got a breeding pair a white male n a blue female for 160 a bonded pair a blue male and a yellow female for 150 a blue female for 60 and a white female for 60 all aviary birds

Picture(s) of 2 hand reared blue Quaker hens $350 each available

We have 2 adorable little blue Quaker hens ready for their new homes now, each has been dna sexed and will come with their sexing card. They are fully weaned and eating pellets and fruit and veg, female Quakers are also excellent talkers and these will make lovely pets. We also have a sun conure hen which we expect to be available in 3 weeks time. thanks for reading

Picture(s) of Hand reared blue Quakers and pied Sun Conures available

We have 4 lovely cheeky little blue Quaker parrots being hand reared at the moment, they have been DNA tested and the results are pending, but whether they are boys or girls they will make brilliant pets, learn to talk clearly and enrich the lives of those in whatever home they go to. We are also proud to offer something a little special in 4 pied sun conures (for those not sure they are much more yellow than a normal bird) these guys are 10 weeks old and fully weaned but we have been a ...

Picture(s) of HAND RAISED BLUE QUAKERS available

H/r from 10 days weaned onto pellets seeds fruit veges love people give kisses cuddles dna sexed 3 girls 1 boy ready to go to new homes now $350 no freight ph 0431395623 or email

Picture(s) of Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels & Cages available

Ringnecks available in most colours - all ages and temperaments... some tame to semitame, others excellent breeders. Colours presently available in WEANED Ringneck parrots are as follows: Green (sold), Cinnamon-green, Grey, Blue, Skyblue, PastelSkyblue, Turquoiseblue (sold), and Creamino (sold). prices ranging from $200 to $300. UNweaned ringnecks are available for $150 to $200 ea if you have the ability to provide necessary handfeeding - present colours include Cinnamon-green, ...

Picture(s) of Super Tame & Playful Handraised Baby Galah's available

Super Tame and very Playful Handraised Baby Galah's. Just weaned are approx 14 weeks. Love the attention. Starting too talk. They say

Picture(s) of Handraised Baby Janday Conure available

Hi all, i have one Baby Janday Conure left. Fully weaned. he/she is 15 weeks old and is looking for a new family home to go to . Is shy but once you pick him/her up, he/she wont ever want you to put him/her down. Is also very cuddly. i have cages to suit for $50. bags of seed for $3. i am asking $500 for him/her. *CHRISTMAS DEAL* Janday Conure + Cage + Bag of seed + A Fruit Toy = $555 NORMALLY $559.50 any further information please feel free to contact me on : ...

Picture(s) of Handraised Baby Blue Princess Parrot available

Hi there, i have three handraised baby blue princess parrot. just weaned (10 weeks old) and are now looking for a new family home. great personalities. funny characteristics. i have cages to suit for $50 , heaps of toys, bag of seed for $3. i am asking $200ea for them. *DEAL* 1xPrincess Parrot + Cage + Bag of seed + A Fruit Stick Toy = $255 NORMALLY $259.50 if you would like any further information or questions please feel free to e-mail me at : or text or ...

Picture(s) of Baby Parrot available

My last one from this clutch! Cinnamon Green Cheek, currently 5 weeks old, ready for new home around 8 weeks. Friendly, intelligent and spoiled!

Picture(s) of 10 week alexandrine ono available

Beautiful hand raised Alexandrian 10 weeks good with children eats fruits,seeds etc Ono if interested please call 0431810644

Picture(s) of Lovely little hand reared Green Cheek Conure hens available

We have two beautiful little Green Cheek Conure hens still for sale (had 3 but my son has fallen in love with one). One is a yellow sided split, the other is cinnamon, both are fully weaned and eating pellets and fruit & veg, and have playful inquisitive natures, they are already great pets. Asking $100 for the split hen, and $140 for the cinnamon. We are at Deception Bay near Redcliffe in Brisbane's outer north, please ring 07 3888 8262 if you would like to meet them. thanks for ...

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Young male peacock $30

Picture(s) of hand raised blue quakers available

Hand raised blue quakers hand raised from 10 days closed band will b dna sexed ready for new homes mid till late december will b getting dna sexed shortly taking orders now $350.00 need deposit to secure your order ph 0431395623 or email yahoo email doesnt work deb

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hand raised scaley breasted lorikeets hand raised from 10 days closed leg band will b dns sexed $170 ready mid lto late december orders welcome deposit required ph 0431395623 or email

Sorry, no pictures

Hand raised blue quakers hand raised from 10 days closed band will b dna sexed ready for new homes mid till late december will b getting dna sexed shortly taking orders now $400.00 need deposit to secure your order ph 0431395623 or email

Picture(s) of Cute Critter Clearance - hand reared green cheeks available

We have just finished hand rearing a clutch of terribly cute Green Cheek Conures. Their parents were a bit fancy being yellow sided so they have inherited some good genes, but what they are best at is playing. They make ideal first pet birds having such cheeky personalities and being active comical little things. Each bird has been raised on the best rearing mix and is now being fed fruit and veg and Vetafarm pellets, they are now fully weaned & ready to go home and bond with their new ...

Picture(s) of Handraised Baby Green Indian Ringneck available

Hi all, i have two handraised baby green indian ringneck for sale. just weaned (9 weeks old ). fully weaned and looking for a new family home. loves fruit and vegetables. cages to suit for $50 and a bag of seed for $3 . i am asking $250ea for them for any further information please contact me on : OR 0426298761 Thanks for looking , Tamika :)

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One three and a bit month old DNA sexed male sun conure available. Fully weaned and ready to go now. $400.00. Four green cheek conures being hand raised. Ready to go once fully weaned. Will be DNA sexed. $150.00 to $200.00 depending on colour- should have a cinnamon or two at least in there. Contact 5546 4850 or email

Picture(s) of play gym available

New hand made bird play gym. great for cockatoo/ parrot. room at the top to add toys. would make a good xmas pressie for bird lover

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Geese for sale goslings included plus breeding pairs pick up only selling separately price is less for younger goslings