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Handraised Ringneck Parrots(& Poultry) must go NOW

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Handraised Ringneck Parrots(& Poultry) must go NOW

Around 45 baby ringnecks were hatched here last season (as well as dozens of ducklings and other poultry), but there are now only a handful of fully weaned ringneck parrot babies downstairs! All offers considered including swaps and trades... 0:-)

Individual pics are being posted to Facebook periodically (Google my name) but when possible will repost this there with best pic of each of the following attached...

All told I have available the following handraised fids (feathered kids)...

normally around $250 (for non-Violet mutations) for a tame ringneck fully weaned and DNA sexed with Certificate, but have dropped price of most down to $200 to help guarantee them good homes (or as little as $100 for those that are getting flighty and nippy).

Get in early to put one of these gorgeous birds aside for your very own! ;OD ( pay a deposit to get first pick)

There's bound to be one there to suit you :) Some are friendlier than others, as they all have their own unique 'personality', just like children, but they all prefer to sit on a human shoulder than in a bird cage!! lol so if u have room in home? and heart? for 1 or more of my cuddly 'fids' (feathered kids) please let me know ;OP

Colour - sex -hatchdate

PastelLavender - girl -August 13
PastelSkyblue - girl -August 14
GoldOlive - girl -August 21
Cinnamon - girl -August 25
Skyblue - girl -August 26
GreyLacewing - girl -September 3
PastelgreyLacewing-girl-September 4
greenLacewing - girl -September 4

(All others have been sold)

Freighting is no problem, within Australia only, of course..also, keen2consider all 'non-cash' transactions, ie. trades for goods or services welcome.

All genetics and parentage known and supplied.


For more info or pics please contact Sally-Anne Westendorf on (vodafone)
please remember2leave a message (including contact number)

Mature 'breeders' also available.

PS Brisbanites -

Please continue to keep an eye/ear out for both tame and aviary Ringnecks lost over the past several yrs

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