Male Maltese cross Shih Tzu for stud

Offered by: Ms


I am looking for a Maltese crossed Shi Tzu male for stud services. 

He must be:-
- with a registered breeder, proof needed,
- without medical issues, to be certified by a vet,
- good natured, can have a cheeky playful side,
- aged over 2 years but not older than 6 years,
- must have all inoculations up to date, proof needed,
- must have all worming up to date,
- Tri coloured preferred though open to black, photos required,
- available approximately in 6 months,
- located within 100 kilometres from Beenleigh.

I will pay reasonable stud fees and open to a pick of litter.  I would prefer that he has sired puppies before and would like confirmation of this.  I would like to have a meeting between dogs before breeding.

I will supply proof of:-
- Registration of being a breeder,
- all inoculations of my female dog,
- photos will be supplied after contact.

My little girl is well trained with a very lovely nature, an cheeky side.  She does not like to be in trouble but has a strong nature.  If she wants something she will do anything to get it.  She is very food orientated.  Currently she is 16 months old.  I do not wish to breed her prior to her being approximately 2 years.  She is well socialised with cats and children.  She is learning to socialise with dogs very quickly.  She is a tri coloured Shi Tzu crossed Pomerinan.  She is extremely bonded to me and does not like me to be out of sight or she will call me and cry.

Bin number:- BIN
Mircochip number:-
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