toy cavoodle stud for hire, proven litters off 8

Offered by: garth


Hello here we have Ted a much loved 3 years old , best personality, truly family loving, child friendly, funny charactered best natured dog in the world without a bad bone in his body, he has done stud services twice in the past with the same female and each time she has produced litters off 8, he gets straight on the job within literally 2 minuets off the female walking through the door and the locking tails part after that, he does it 4 or 5 times through the night, feel free to drop your dog off into our dog loving family home which is 100% secure and you can pick up a day or two later or same day entirely up to you, either way he will get on to the task in hand no matter whos watching. I have pictures/reference from the last females owner if requested, if she does not get pregnant which she will judging off past experience than the 2nd heat is free, if you drop your dog off I will send you a video off the tail lock so you know that the job has been completed.

thanks garth, attached are some pics off his last litter off 8.
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