cavoodle stud dog

Offered by: garth


Hi guys my name is ted, I am a mid sized toy cavoodle dog, I am 4 years old and am experienced, my record so far stands at 4 visits, 4 successes and each visit has produced 9 pups! I consider myself an expert. People often stop me in the street and comment on how cute I am, I will never lose my good puppy looks :}, I can provide references off past girlfriends mums who I now consider friends, I am full off energy and love playing with my family im actually a pretty good guard dog as well, I know if someone strange comes to the door and I will let them know I am here.
my owners youngest boy used to pull my tail when he was young and I never so much as looked at him bad because I am truly a loving dog, with an unbelievable character.
please check out my own instragram page im - tedcavoodlestud - look me up theres more pics and what not on there,
my fee is $500 upfront payment if for any reason your female doesn't get pregnant I will reimburse you $400 off that, my garden is 100% fully secure with brick walls and all doors closed so you may leave your female overnight or come down on three separate daily occasions if your local to Prahran., my owers love dogs so she will be in a loving home.
= garth thanks Ted. microchip number
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