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With a heavy heart I know it's time to relieve two of my boys of their 'crown jewels' and their breeding responsibilities.

A difficult decision made none the easier by the fact that these are two of the sweetest most gentle and loving boy-tonks i've had the pleasure to know or breed ......

so the boys are; ........ Blaze (Angistri Blaze of Anniesong) - Blaze was the fella that started the Cinnamon craze in Oz, ..... So proud of him as the first of his kind in the country, a trail-blazer of sorts who with his arrival in OZ established the Cinnamon Colour within the Tonkinese breed in Australia and started a craze.

The second boy is; Anniesong Saxon, son of Blaze and Storm, he was the first cinnamon carrier born within Australia, and has gone on to father 3 of our current Cinnamon/Fawn cats, Floyd, Phoebe & Amba.

Ideally they will be placed together in a pet home, although i would consider a short term-breeding outcome for them, with a compatible Tonkinese breeder who may wish to initiate/expand their Cinnamon Tonkinese program.

details of the boys are;

'Blaze' (lovingly bred by Jenny Lovering / Angistri Tonkinese / NZ)
Angistri Blaze of Anniesong
Cinnamon-Point (Gen-2)
genotype = cinnamon carrying dilute
Age 3

'Saxon' (bred by myself @ Anniesong Tonkinese)
Anniesong Saxon
Lilac-Mink (Gen-3)
genotype = lilac carrying fawn
Age 2
(Saxon was awarded Tonkinese of the Year FCCQ 2014)

Ideally they will place together, as they are very bonded, and if going immediately as pets they are on offer @ $100 each to cover desexing.

These are not your average stud cats, and have the most loving smootchy natures and will make the most spectacular pets........

Please email or call on if you know of someone that would like to adopt these amazing boys....
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