Tutoring for Visual Arts and Biology (HSC)

Offered by: Jody


Hi! My name is Jody, I am male and 18 recently finished the HSC in 2014.

I am a determined tutor. I will try and pick up signs whether you understand, or try and make it easier if you don’t. Being flexible, I will find alternatives to my teaching skills trying out different styles if necessary and follow how YOU want to the lesson to be structured. I will put my time into marking your responses and give you feedback just for your improvement and to stitch in content.

Our content and the best ways to study:
- Biology lessons will be taught from my most prized notes (my Holy Bioble) as well as mixing the lessons up with different types of resources and explanations as I am quite good at explaining.
- As for Visual Arts lessons will all be based on how YOU want it to be. I will provide the content, but because there are many topics in Visual Arts to go through decisions on the lessons will be preplanned.
- For both lessons I will try and make it as fun as possible. I will also throw in HSC questions and mark any work you can throw at me and also giving you feedback.

I will offer $25/hour rate for individuals each. My goal is for you to gain interest in your subjects therefore our first lesson will be free of charge.

Myself and Tips:
- Some of my past experiences include teaching my friends HSC content as I believed teaching was the strongest form of revision, benefitting not only them but me in return.
- I am friendly! I will try and meet your standards of not only being a tutor but as a friend. I will be here for when times are rough and am very open. Like a roller coaster, I will provide your HSC more of the fun and excitement rather than scary and stressful.
- Anytime is a time worth it. Please don’t be overwhelmed by how late it is to apply for a tutor. I know from personal experience that I too applied quite late…but when I looked back, I will never regret that decision I made.

Academic Achievements:
- I completed the HSC and received an ATAR of 91.75 with 90 (Band 6) in Biology and 88 in Visual Arts.
- Ranking wise, my first semester year 12 report indicates I am ranked 5th out of 57 students for biology and 1st rank out of 12 students for Visual Arts. My high school, Tempe High School, was also quite competitive being a half selective school.
- I have received 4 Honour Rolls throughout my schooling years (2009) (2010) (2011) (2014). Honour rolls are only given for outstanding students achieving Top 10 rank for 3 or more subjects
- I have received 4 Visual Arts Certificate of Achievements end-of-year awards only given to one student per subject as teacher’s choice award. (2011) (2012) (2013) (2014)

I look forward in meeting you and am absolutely ready to help tackle this once in a life time roller coaster year 12. Please give me a call or message/email, any way is cool with me! :D
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