Toy Poodle Stud Dog

Offered by: Nila


Louie The STUD


Louie is a gorgeous chocolate brown pure breed toy poodle stud with a non shedding thick wool coat. Louie is double furnished so he will produce curly puppies, depending on your female they may also produce fleece coats but never straight hair. He has green/hazel eyes and great conformation. Louie’s date of birth is 3/6/21. He weighs approx 4kg and 28cm from paws to withers. He is DNA tested for genetic diseases through Embark. Louie is also certified by Embark to be 100% poodle of toy size. Louie is up to date on all his vaccinations and his parasite treatment is taken into account and safe to use for his potential baby mummies.
Louie mates very quickly and has a gentle nature, he is intelligent, obedient, charismatic and loves everyone.
Louie is suitable to breed with toy and miniature size breeds.


Louie carries the brown gene (bb) and will produce chocolate brown puppies. His colour traits also produce red, apricot and cream, abstract and phantom, depending on the female. Louie does not carry the fading gene. Louie carries two furnishing genes, meaning his offspring’s will either have a curly or fleece coat. He is hypoallergenic and does not shed.


Louie’s fee is $500 (inc GST) payable on the first mating. This fee is for 1 mating. Any additional matings after the first one and in the same heat cycle is $200 each
If the female does not fall pregnant then the next tie is free (1 tie only) provided a vet certificate with the microchip number is provided. A progesterone test is highly recommend to be certain the female is in the Estrus stage, the period in which the female will accept a sire and is the most fertile. Usually I recommend day 9-12
Louie is only available for natural mating.

If you have any questions or would like to book a mating please feel free to contact me on

Louie is available at Ryde NSW 2112 or he can meet your girl at your chosen location providing it is in reasonable distance otherwise a fee will apply depending on km’s travelled.

Microchip #
RPBA 6747
RightPaw Verified
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