Stereo Stylus-Needles- New- Japan- Germany-Swiss

Offered by: John


Stylus/Needles/Cartridges Magnetic or Ceramic
Located in Sydney NSW 2118

Large Range
Most of our stylus are made in Switzerland
Some are made in Germany and Japan (Not China)

All you need to send us are the following spec's.

Make Cartridge:
Colour of Cartridge:
Cartridge Model number:
Diamond or Saphire tip:
Single side or turnover:
Is it a magnetic or ceramic:
Shibata, Conical, Eleptical etc:
Make or Model number of your Turntable:

If you cannot supply this information attach a CLEAR picture:

Otherwise send us the stylus/Cartridge to make certain we can replace it with the correct one.

When your request is received you should expect an answer if not the same day a day or so later.

Include your name:
Correct (Valid) Email Address:
ICQ/SMS or Tel Contact:

When we have confirmed the replacement we will provide you with a cost plus postage/freight.
Payments can be made by Direct Transfer or Money order.

You can contact me (Johannes Meijer) directly on the following number

Strand Audio Video
(Trading as UltraViolet H'twoO Pty Ltd (Australia)
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