Rehome - Help Spock my puppy, find a forever home

Offered by: Rebecca


Free, but must be to an amazing home....

I've had Spock for a very long time, since 2009, where I rescued him from the dog shelter at Logan in Brisbane - but now I need to find him a new home. I'm willing to drive anywhere in SEQLD / Northern NSW to bring him to you before Christmas.

Spock is a Kelpie Cattle Dog X. He is tri-colour, and is in very good health.
He loves Schmackos and frozen chicken necks to chew on.

He is about 25kg, and a fast running, fun loving dog - he loves to play fetch with his rope!
He gets on amazingly well with dogs, big and small. He loves the dog park and loves running around with all the other puppies.

He would love to have other dogs to hang around all day, or go to work with a tradesman

He is a little afraid of cats, but still is cool hanging out with them.

He is not agressive, has never snapped at anyone either - he's very good, just gets a little excited and sometimes jumps up to say hi! :)

He's brought me much joy, fun and laughter in the past 5 years. Unfortunately, he's become afraid of loud noises in the past few years, and each time he gets scared, he has been jumping the fence and running away, and we are so worried he's not going to be as lucky as he has been so far.

We have had him on a run, but it's no way for him to be happy. We are wanting to find a home for him on a big property that has a high fence, and someone to run him tired every day.

He is an amazing dog, loyal, friendly, can sit and fetch things that you throw to him - sticks, ropes, tennis balls, anything!

I really just want him to go somewhere with a family that will love him as much as me.

I haven't got a price on him, but I do want to meet his potential new parents, and know that he is going to be loved.

I'm happy to get him vet-checked before we rehome him, but I
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