Purebred Toy Poodle for Stud

Offered by: Natalie


Teddy is a male purebred red toy poodle. He is 8 months old, regularly vet checked and is up to date on his vaccines. Teddy is gentle, kind natured and very intelligent; he can master a new trick within an hour. Teddy can sit, shake, lay down, roll over, stand up on his hind legs, dance, ring a bell for a treat, and play dead when he is pretend shot. Teddy also follows basic commands, such as go, come here and move. He is large for a toy poodle, as were his parents, but is considerably smaller then a miniature. Teddy has registration papers, but no pedigree certificate, as he was not sold to become a show dog.

Height: 12” (at the shoulder)
Weight: 5 kgs

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