Pug stud service

Offered by: Jade


Meet Grug the pug, he is 3 with a friendly manner and gets along well with anyone he meets including other dogs/pugs.
I am offering his stud service for $900 which includes if unsuccessful second try $200 fee only.
The female would be required to stay in the comfort of my home for 3-7days while they bond and successfully mate.
My Grug is awaiting his current litter from a female pug, he has sired 5 litters most being 9 litters the latest a litter of 7
He truly is a lovely boy and I want to produce his little pug babies, his parents were show parents I don't yet have the papers for him as still awaiting them from his previous owner who I got him from.

Please note that sometimes I can be overly booked and I don’t want to double up on mating sessions so please message me ahead of time before your female comes into heat at least a month or so beforehand that way I can expect that and keep that open for you. Also please respect that sometimes I need to rest Grug up as he cant have so many at a time, I give him a months rest.
Microchip number:

Please note, Dog is not for sale, only his stud service.

Thank you,
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