Petite Pomeranian Male for Stud

Offered by: Julia


Hi there,

I have a beautiful petite male sable pomeranian who is looking for a lady.

I am very proud of my little baby, he has produced the most gorgeous two daughters with my female pomeranian, Nala. They are sable and parti (Black & White). One little girl who was pure white unfortunately passed during childbirth as she was breached.

Simba is healthy and virile.

I am not a breeder, I am a pomeranian collector lol. It has turned out to be a very expensive hobby, however. I am a student working as a medical receptionist and put aside 3k for each of my Pomeranians vet bills and unfortunately, little Simba ate through his budget and some more just recently. I recently moved interstate and at the farmhouse, I stayed at he ate something which caused to him to have some severe gastroenteritis. Due to being stuck in quarantine as I moved interstate (thankyou COVID 19) I dropped him off at the emergency department for 5 days because I was unable to travel back and forth. The bill was just a bit over 3000 so I am trying to retrieve some of his lost savings by getting him to do some work in so many words haha.

I am usually more protective of my fur kids, but I am very proud of Simba's colouring, beauty and temperament. He is a shy fella but with an elegant walk like a show dog. He prances, truly. He lights up with human contact. He is also a lap dog and cuddles me at night times.

Simba is definitely not for sale, however, don't get my wrong, he's my little prince. But I am offering him out as a stud dog to someone who might like to have some of the beautiful offspring he creates.

If would you like, I can send some of the gorgeous videos of him walking. One of his daughters has already started walking like this too.

Also, I am new to this sort of thing. I would prefer to have your baby girl stay with me for the mating only because I am a vulnerable female :S. But if I meet and talk to the right person, then I will allow Simba to go to your place for however long needed. Whether or not, he's at yours or mine does not change the cost, it's just so I feel secure someone isn't gonna take my baby.

Please contact me if you are interested.

P.S. his current haircut is a bit shabby rn due to being in hospital but you can see his natural colour in some of the photos earlier

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