Miniature Long Haired Black and Tan Dachshund Stud

Offered by: Zachery


Baxter the handsome and healthy long haired miniature black and tan dachshund available for stud. I have been breeding Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds for the past 5 years. My dogs live as part of the family and have lots of space to explore during the day and seem to find their way into my bed of a nighttime. Baxter is one of the first long haired males we kept out of his mother's first litter.

Baxter is a bit over two years old with a gentle happy nature. He is very playful, intelligent, alert, affectionate, and protective. He has a 100% strike rate out with litters coming in 4 and 5 puppies.

I will be asking for full payment before the arrangement and if your bitch doesn't fall pregnant your fee will be FULLY credited back to you. I am happy to talk plans before the arrangement whether you would like your bitch to come over or whether you would like to have Baxter.

Attached is a photo of his dad (red) mother (black and tan).

I am located in Toowoomba and If you would like to talk further please don't hesitate to contact me via text on 0447015361.

Thank you