Maltese x Jack Russell

Offered by: Amy


Absolutely beautiful Maltese x Jack Russell for stud available. Harley is a 14 month old Maltese Terrier with excellent temperament. Harley is a fantastic family dog and great with kids and other animals.

Harley is in perfect health with no medical problems or history. Vet check up to date and vaccinations. Harley is in fantastic fit condition.

Harley has the beautiful white fluffy coast of a Maltese (hair not fur), he dose not shed or require high maintenance, just a cut in summer as his hair can grow quite long. Has been proven to be hypoallergenic. Harley has the body, size and snout of a Jack Russell but the coat, eyes, ears and skin of a Maltese

Harley has a lovely temperament, he is very affectionate, playful and friendly. He will jump on your lap and ask for cuddles, he loves being brushed and the centre of attention. Harley has been very easy to train and is an obedient dog due to his smart and quick Jack Russell traits.

Unfortunately, Harley can be a bit protective of the house to strangers at times, however, once introduced he is friendly. Harley dose suffer from a bit of separation anxiety if left in the house alone for long enough (6+ hrs) but if left in the yard to play while your out he will forget your even gone.

Harley gets along very well with other dogs and loves to play, he has never shown signs of aggression. I have been stopped many times in the park and at the beach asking for his breed and complimented on how adorable he is. Everyone who meets him falls in love. I have also been asked on numerous occasions if Harley is available for breeding and have finally decided to do so after many displays of enthusiasm from Harley.....

Available to meet with potential bitches for play date and assessment. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on Happy to send through as many photos or details as you like. Harley also has his own INSTAGRAM page #badboyharley that you can find for further photos too.
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