Maltese x Jack Russell

Offered by: Amy


Harley is a beautiful Maltese x Jack Russell with a big personality! He has the best of both breeds which has produced an excellent combination of character.

Harley has the lovely fluffy white coat of a Maltese, which dose not shed and is hypoallergenic, along with his big eyes, ears, skin and affectionate nature. He then has the size, snout, body and playfulness of a Jack Russell.

He is a lovely natured family dog that loves being the center of attention, he is also great with kids. He loves to play and go for walks but tires quick, he is in excellent health and fit condition. He has not problems aside from occasionally being protective of the house with strangers and having a little anxiety when being left alone for to long ( 6+ hrs), which mostly comes from his terrier nature.

Having been stoped many times in the park, beach and shopping center complimented on Harleys adorable nature and looks I have decided to put him up for stud availability. I know he would have adorable puppy's and would be a great dad. I would preferably like to see him breed with other small toy dogs or even another Maltese x Jack Russell.

Harley is up to date with vaccinations and vet checked. Please feel free to contact me with any questions directly. Harley also has his own instagram that I set up ages ago when he was just a pup, #badboyharley
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