Korean No Mow Grass $75 A Free Postage

Offered by: Graeme


Korean No Mow Grass (Zoysia tenuifolia)10 x 100mm pots $75.00
(As seen at Hunter Valley Gardens)
($6.00 per 100mm Pot)

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• Delivered Direct to your Door
• The Larger the Quantity purchased, the Cheaper the Price.
• Pay online with Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Debit to Tranquil Havens.
• Your Korean Grass is normally posted the next day.
• Chock-A-Block full 100mm Pots.
• Sent Bare-Rooted to save on Postage Costs.

Large Quantities are not a problem.
Zoysia Tenuifolia is known by various names including; Korean Velvet Grass, No Mow Grass, Mascarene Grass or Temple Grass, to name a few. Zoysia Tenuifolia is a Tropical spreading grass with very fine, vivid green foliage and is usually left unmown for a freeform look.
Zoysia Tenuifolia is usually utilised as a ground cover in Oriental Gardens, among rocks and ponds, and makes a spectacular architectural specimen as it can also grow over rocks and other structures in the garden. Anyone who has visited the Hunter Valley Gardens will tell you it looks magnificent in the Oriental setting.
Zoysia Tenuifolia is also a great lawn and sloping bank grass species, but is much more appealing when used as an ornamental grass ground cover, as it possesses an unusual clumping or mounding appearance. Zoysia Tenuifolia is mainly used as a ground cover because it tends to grow in an undulating way, creating ripples and small hills right up to the trunks of trees in deep shade.
Your Korean Velvet Grass Plants will be sent bare-rooted, with a little soil, to keep postage costs down to a minimum and will be ready to plant as soon as you receive them.
We prefer to post our Grasses on Monday and Tuesday, unless otherwise requested.
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