KKK-Katie Thoroughbred will swap

Offered by: vicki


KKK-katie has been educated using the Parelli

She has raced but is not suited to the track
very well bred, details come with her.

She also wears boot when out on trek or road,stands still flexes,jumps,leads,floats,lunges,never bucked,I had not riden in 20 years and she is no problem,simple to catch rug hose down trim feet.15.hh coming up 8 years old,and grey.MY 12 year grandaughter old ,new rider has ridden her in a yard with no drams.
KKK-katie is meant for bigger things.

She is not getting enough work,has a scar on near side back cannon bone from a accident a year ago.there is no permenent damage.

Dose not like leaving company however when made quickly starts enjoying herself.
I can bounce a horse ball all around and over her,
the training she has done gives her confidence and gives me confidence too, always holds herself well.
she is rugged in bad weather and hosed down in good weather,loves the water too.

I am looking for ( a hores more suited to trek riding )up to 15 hands but more solid for my weight and bush riding .I am not in a hurry and will enjoy KKKkatie until this comes along
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