Hand raised eclectus parrots

Offered by: andrew


We have a number of young red sided eclectus parrots (New Guinea sub species) currently being hand raised they will become available once completely weaned and independent.

We have sold one of our oldest boys but his younger brother and he are weaning very well and should be ready to go to their new homes by Sat 29th Nov. Another pair of boys will be ready mid December and a young hen early January.

Eclectus parrots properly cared for will live over 50 years are highly intelligent, talk and mimic amazingly well and when kept as pets make wonderful companions.

They are not a bird that you buy on impulse then place in a cage and forget about, they won't stand for that! :)

If none of this has deterred you and you are prepared to pay the asking price of $750 for a boy or $650 for a girl please feel free to contact us with any questions at all, We will be delighted to talk about them until your ears fall off, if still interested then come out and meet the babies and their beautiful parents,

Thank you for reading

Andrew & Sue
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