Hand Tame Baby Budgies

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Australian best selection of hand tame baby budgies with well over 100 to choose from, these beautiful budgies are hand tamed to sit on your hand and shoulder and ready to go to their new home right now at just $65. We also have a selection of ready to breed adults in superb colours at $45.

We have every colour under the rainbow to choose from, pure whites, rainbows, cobalts, sky blues, lemons, yellows, pied, lutino, flourescent greens & yellows etc. etc. and every one of our budgies has the following items included completely free of charge: -

1) Avitrol treatment against mites
2) Soluvite treated against vitamin deficiency
3) Aristopet treatment against worms
4) A certificate detailing the above treatments on request.
5) We trim the wing feathers for you so that the babies cannot injure themselves against glass windows when you let them out of their cage. The feathers soon grow back after they have had time to learn what glass is.
6) You receive free access to our Helpline where you can get ongoing advice.
7) A travel box is supplied free of charge to take your baby home.
8) When you collect your budgies we advise on handling and feeding.
9) Return at 3-6 months for a free wing feather trim if required.
10) If you are not delighted with your budgie, we will swap it for another within 7 days of collection.

All of this means that you have nothing more to pay in vet fees to get your baby safely and happily home as your family pet and that makes great value for money.

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You will be amazed at the character of these exciting little babies, the world’s third most popular pet. Watch them play happily with each other and you will fall in love with their interaction.

We also have a nice range of cages and accessories.

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We are one of the best budgie aviaries in Australia and the love and attention we give to all our babies will be very evident when you make your visit to our gorgeous aviary set in over 8 acres of manicured grounds where you can take your time and even go inside the aviary to make your selection. Alternatively, sit in comfort on our aviary deck where you can watch the babies and wonder at the amazing scenery and surroundings, it’s better than watching TV!

Credit card facilities are available.

Please text on for a free 20 page booklet that we can send to your phone with tips on buying and taking care of budgies including valuable information on the correct way to feed your budgies.

Garry & Sandy at 'Just Budgies' at
Whispering Pines Aviary
Mudgeeraba Qld
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