English Mastiff Stud Dog

Offered by: Sian


I am looking at EOI for anyone who would be interested in using our big boy as a stud dog.

We own a 21 month old Old English Mastiff. He is not papered however is pure bred and you can tell the second you lay your eyes on him. He is the most textbook example of an English Mastiff. He was bred in Gympie and his lines trace back to Grange View mastiffs.

He is gentle giant and such a loyal guardian. He is highly intelligent and with no formal training has grown a stable protective instinct over his family. These are all true characteristics of an Old English Mastiff.

Ted is currently 98kg fawn mastiff and still growing, he has a massive head/black mask and beautiful broad deep chest.

We are so impressed with him that we would love to see a litter or two from him.

we have not yet had his stud abilities tested however if we get in negotiations with a prospective dam we will get him tested.

Feel free to contact me to ask more questions or to arrange a time to come and meet big Ted.
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