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The cheap starter. Delivered Australia Wide. Turn your kitchen scraps, garden waste or even dog poo and cat poo into rich organic fertilizer (red worm castings).

We guarantee you will receive 100g of worms (up to 1000 worms). Ready to put into your prepared bedding. The pack is sold by total worm weight with the weight of most worms being between 0.001g and 0.2g. Delivered Australia Wide.

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You can use compost worms to compost up to 50% of your garbage. What's left is worm castings; a rich organic fertiliser for your garden, veggies and pot plants. Worms can even convert dog poo into rich nutrients to feed your trees and shrubs.

How many worms do you need?
A simple rule of thumb is to start with 1000 compost worms per person in your household. Less compost worms leads to overfeeding, excessive heat and long start up times.

Biobags and the Maxi Air Kitchen Tidy make it easy to keep food scraps in the kitchen without the smell and it even reduces moisture content and the yuk. Pick up the biobag and put it straight in your worm farm to compost down - what could be easier?

Worm castings from earthworms are rich in humus to feeds your garden plants, reduce pests and disease an it improves root systems and the soil structure to use water more efficiently.
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