Central Bearded Dragon and Setup.

Offered by: Mark


Central Bearded Dragon and Tank with everything you need to get started (although you'll need a licence)

Bought from Kellyville Pets just over 2 years ago (June 2015). Was told our dragon is a male.

Eats really well on calcium dusted crickets and carrots/boc choy.

Can hand feed the thin slices of carrots

Our dragon is approximately 41cm long

Double front glass door tank comes with rock look back drop, water bowl, feeding bowl, basking heat light, UV light and night ceramic heater bulb. Has branch inside the tank. Poop scoop and spare light bulbs included. Some dried lizard food and calcium powder. We do have a cricket tank but the tubes are worn and caps have been replaced with tape but fully functional.Tank measurements: 90cm wide, 60cm height and 45cm depth.

This is everything you need but you will need to have or get a licence

Pick up from Castle Hill NSW
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