Cavoodle stud very experienced

Offered by: Gareth


Here we have Ted.
He is a four year old Cavoodle stud dog with lots of experience, six times he has done his duty and in all six occasions has sired offspring.
Here is a list off his previous stud encounters -
1 - 7 puppy’s
2 - 5 puppy’s
3 - 4 puppy’s
4 - 3 puppy’s
5 - 4 puppy’s
6 awaiting results.
You can see the results and his general pictures on his own Instagram page. ###### TEDCAVOODLESTUD #######
He needs no help and knows exactly what to do, he is our one and only beloved family pet who earns his keep by doing this, his temprement is perfect, adores our children, never so much as a growl, loyal as lies with you if your ill in bed and will never leave your side, barks if he hears the gate going as well so somewhat off a good guard dog, the best farther role model your pups could desire.
For your fee you are best of to bring your female for 2-3, visits every second day from day 9 off the cycle, your female will be super safe at our home you are welcome to stay or you can just leave overnight at no extra charge because we love dogs here.
The garden is small and completely brick blocked off there is zero chance of escape from this small yard, no plants ect just completely surrounded by walls where your female and ted will run around and get to know each other, If you choose to drop off you will receive video proof of the act in progress and the tail locking (mating completion)
No time limit on visits stay until the job is completed or simply return a day or two later, we love dogs here your female will be looked after like our own, with regular text message updates.
You will love ted everyone does.
Microchip no -
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