Apricot Cavoodle Stud

Offered by: Luke


Breed: F1B Cavoodle. Mother 1st gen toy cavoodle. Father miniature poodle. Confirmed with Orivet DNA testing available upon request.

As Roger is an F1B generation cavoodle he is ¾ miniture poodle and just ¼ cavalier king charles. This means that Roger has a very fleecy and woolly coat that does not shed. Rogers coat is a light apricot colour with dark ears and tail. His puppy coat was darker like his ears/tail but has since become lighter.

Roger is a very athletic and has an affectionate and loving nature. He is playful and obedient and has been an indoor companion to us for the past year. He loves to play with other dogs and is very gentle around kids.

Please note that Roger was born in October 2019 and at this point is unproven. This is our first time trying which is reflected in the price. Also a full refund will be given if the female does not fall pregnant as certified by a vet.

A meeting can be arranged before the mating. We are located in Wagga Wagga NSW.