Looking for a toy poodle stud (wanted)

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Looking for a toy poodle stud

I have a purebred miniature foxy, whom is a loving member of our family. Once a year she is allowed to have a litter of puppies. We had a male stud dog for this however last year he was murdered by two dogs while protecting his home. My puppy is overdue for a litter and this next one will probably be one of her last (she has had 2 already and she is 5 years old). This time I was hoping for something different, I am hoping to find her a toy poodle to make foodles. My puppies are very well cared for and when they leave us they leave with a lot and they know they are always welcome home. If you have a male toy poodle and are interested please send me an email or give me a call (leave a message if you have too).

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