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"bambam" japanese chin x pom for stud

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"bambam" japanese chin x pom for stud

BamBam is an excellent stud dog knows exactly what hes doing an doesn't mess around, he only mates the bitches when they are ready to be mated, he knows when they are ready lol..

BamBam has produced big strong healthy pups in each litter that he has sired so far, in total 5 litters to Chihuahua's an one litter to a maltese, in all litters has produced minimum of 3 to 4 pups with the chihuahuas an 5 pups with the maltese, Bam is small enough to mate with the tiny teacup variety chihuahuas with no problems.. i have a tiny chihuahua that has had two succesful litters of 3 pups in each litter, Bam himself is the size of a little chihuahua :)


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