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Tree lucerne seeds - incl postage

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Tree lucerne seeds - incl postage


Tree lucerne - Tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis)

6 gms = Approximately 100+ seeds

Silviculture instructions included

Tagasaste or tree Lucerne is a perennial forage shrub or small tree that grows well in mild, temperate climates. It can provide good feed for all farm livestock & poultry green pick. Easy to maintain and provides shelter from wind & sun. It also supplies good firewood where that is needed.

I turn my stock into them twice a year.

Fodder Annual yields of up to 10 tonnes per hectare of edible leaf and fine stem are achievable
Trees can be safely grazed or trimmed at a year after sowing or when 25 cm high, to encourage a multi-stemmed plant to develop that will tolerate grazing

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