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Scorpions & Spiders

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The following spiders and scorpions are for sale:

Black Rock Scorpian-baby $12.00

Black Rock Scorpian-medium $27.00

Desert Scorpian large $37.50

Desert Scorpian xtra large $50
Flinders Ranges Scorp baby $15

Flinders Ranges Scorp large $50.00

Flinders Ranges Scorp xtra large $60.00
Rainforest Scorpion baby $15

Rainforest Scorpion small $37.50

Rainforest Scorpion med $35.00

Giant Burrowing Cockroaches baby $15

Spider Hunting Scorpion small $37.50

Bird Eating Spider larrge $75

Goliath Spider sling $20

Stirlingi Spider sling $20
Wolf Spider med $37.50

Pick up available Mondays and Fridays in the afternoon and evening.
Location Kogarah.

Delivery available. Call
Minimum order $25
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