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Fish tank 6ft aquarium

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Fish tank 6ft aquarium

WAS$850   NOW$500AUD
It will be hard to let this tank go, I've been proud to have it in my living room for the last few years. It's the first thing people comment on when they walk in the room. Recently two of my prized fish have died, likely due to a faulty heater and since I am moving in the near future I decided to sell the tank rather than spend money restocking it with new fish. Larger tanks such as this one make looking after fish a breeze, the general rule is the bigger the better, so whether you're an enthusiast or looking for a great present for the family, this is a great way to spend your money. Included in this generous price is of coarse the 6ft tank, including the hood and stand (with lights), a power filter as seen in the picture, gravel and rocks.

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