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Double story rabbit hutch,free purebred dwarf lop

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Double story rabbit hutch,free purebred dwarf lop

WAS$150   NOW$120AUD
I have a double storey guinea pig / rabbit hutch with ramp & bedroom on legs, off the ground design. 3 x large access door on both level with a lift up asphalt roof for maximum rain and heat protection for sale.This can be used as a indoor or outdoor hutch.

i am selling this for 120.00 OR NEAREST OFFER. This item is pick up from Granville, or i drop off if not to far away at buyers expence.

Exterior :112cm (w) × 45cm (d) × 78cm (h)
Bedroom: 35cm x 34cm
Living Room: 67 x 34cm x 26 ~ 32cm tall
Lower Level: 102cm x 34cm x 32cm tall
Suitable for Guinea Pig, Ferret, Mini and Small size rabbit

Main Features:
Water proofing treatment.
100% safe for small animals
3 x Large Access Door
Hinged Roof, Life up Asphalt style flat roof for easy cleaning and access.
Power Coated Wire
Heavy Duty Metal Locks

I have just started to use this hutch on Sunday 22 August 2009, i have put plastic layer on the floor of both levels. so my rabbit does not ruin the hutch. so the hutch is pracically BRAND new, i Paid 240.00. althought i have droped the price, i was selling the hutch for $150, but now the rabbit has chiped the inside of the doors. as you cannot see the damage from the outside, you can see it in the inside. there is not much damage as i cought him before he really ruin the hutch. as i dont have photos of the door that has been chiped if you would like me to supply photos im more than willing to do so.

Also i have a rabbit that is free to a good home, if you do not have a rabbbit or HUTCH. this is a BARGIN BUY. you will not find a rabbit and a 2 storey hutch avaliable at this price. i Paid $45 for my rabbit, he is a purebred dwarf lop.

If you would like more information please email me:

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