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Buffalo fly tunnel trap

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Buffalo fly tunnel trap

These traps are particularly effective in minimizing the enormous problem of Buffalo Flies on cattle.

So whether you have a large Dairy herd or just a few Beef cattle - all you need to do is place the trap somewhere where the cattle will pass through it regularly. This may mean fencing off a water point or a feeding station so that the cattle must pass through the trap to gain access.

.......You'll never need to spray for Buffalo Flies again.......

- How It Works -

As the host animal enters the trap, there is a significant change in light intensity sufficient to cause the Buffalo Flies to leave their host and 'fly to a more lighted place'.

Once airborne in the tunnel they are attracted to the brighter light coming in through the slits and will fly towards that light-source. They are then caught in the capture chambers along either side of the tunnel where they quickly expire.

The original Buffalo Fly Trap was developed by CSIRO and tested extensively by the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. In its original form the invention was definitely worthwhile but *our in-house research and development team have managed to improve the effectiveness of the trap as well as tackling the four main problems with the original design *

After extensive research and development by our own team have brought about a significant increase in the capture rate to about 75 percent fly volume after the same ten day period:

*.......................... a TEN PERCENT IMPROVEMENT over the original design.*

_*Other Improvements:*_

* 1. There was an initial reluctance for cattle to go through the tunnel.*

We added a pair of panels on either end that offers a more approachable environment.

N.B. The approach wings are not meant to be an impenetrable fence.

*2. The original unit was too heavy to be moved by one man.*

We have replaced the heavy ply sides and top with Poly Plastic which is just as effective and much lighter. We have also improved the shape and weight of the capture chambers. The unit can be lifted onto a ute for relocation by one man without disassembly.

*3. Flies that entered the trap were able to escape by the same route.*

The "V" shaped trap we have developed does not allow the flies to find their way back out of the trap. This ensures a far greater capture rate than previously recorded.

*4. The original design did not allow emptying. *

We have added a 'tear-off' velcro tab that allows the operator to quickly and easily empty the build-up of expired flies.

How to Set up and Implement your Buffalo Fly Trap _
Choose a place where the cattle will pass regularly. This may be a gateway or path to water or supplement feed. In some cases it may be necessary to fence off a water-point so that in order to gain access, all cattle must pass through a gateway and thus through the trap.

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