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Miscellaneous for sale in ACT

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The following ads have expired and may no longer be available. Please click here to only view ads from the past quarter.
Picture(s) of The BIGGEST box in the business available

BigBox! is a DIY storage solution - designed for those who want to pay as little as possible to store domestic or business items in a secure storage facility providing on-demand access. We offer the BIGGEST box in the business at around half the cost of a storage shed. Do the maths! With a BigBox, you can liberate your garage, home or business from excess ‘stuff’ for a weekly cost of around $1.70 per cubic meter per week. BigBox (1) 1.2 x .7 x 1.8* 1.5 m3 $8.50 p/wk BigBox ...

Picture(s) of Handmade  glue brush available

HANDMADE GLUE BRUSH appr. 30 long brush head 13 saw on Aust. version AR SHOW in Settlers Tool Box .... found in shed deceased estate ....... something different